April Program 2021

Upcycle Challenge

The Upcyle challenge requires members to create a new functional item from an old item. There were lots of great entries for this challenge. The winner (Ann Vonderau) was chosen randomly.

Laura Mendoza - Laura created a small wallet and a large bag from an old pair of jeans

Ann Vonderau - Ann created a pair of dolls pj bottoms from an old pj top

Dee Eliason - Dee felted an old angora sweater and made an applique of a bunny to put on a pink sweater for her grandaughter.

Barb O'Neill - Barb made a new jacket from an old pair of drapes

Karen Renaud-Williams - Karen made doll skirts from old handkercheifs and doll underwear from white masks

Sue Biles - Sue created doll jeans from a pair of old jeans

Judy Versey - Judy created doll clothes... a sweater from a little girl's sweater; skinny jeans from jeans;a turtleneck dress from a litte girl's dress; sweater dress from a sweater; a blouse from her grandaughters shirt.