Holiday Zoom Party 2020

Our Holiday party was virtual this year because, of course, COVID! Jeri and Cathy Norgaard did a great job in lining up mystery guests to make it fun in spite of not being able to get together in person. They each stopped by to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to share some vintage Sew Expo stories. Who were these mystery guests? See below:

Katrina Walker

On Katrina's website she shares sewing techniques, etc. through a blog, articles and classes (curretnly remote). She is particularly excited about a new class on Fasion Embroidery.

Rhonda Pierce

Rhonda teaches, creates and inspires sewists and quilters through her blog. She also is a great source for learning more about needles. She sells Schmetz needles on her site.

Mary Mulari

Mary is a long time veteran of Sew Expo. Mary's website proides inspiration and ideas through a plethera of hints & tips, classes, patterns and much more.

Joe Vecchiarelli

Joe is a long standing veteran of Sew Expo and of the fashion industry. His background, through apparel, has taken him into TV on prodction shows and fashion shows. He currently helps fashion studens and others fulfill their dreams. Private classes with Joe can be booked at the website.

Step by Step

Louane Nelson represented Step by Step at the meeting to thank all of our members who contributed to their organization this holiday season. Step by Step is an organization that caters to at-risk pregnant women and to helping them create a successful future for themselves, their baby and family.

Anne Whalley and her husband

Anne and her husband joined our meeting for a Christmas greeting from Australia. Anne has been prolific in the sewing industry through YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, etc. Visit Anne at her website.