4 Corners Presentations

Cathy Norgaard

Cathy's demonstration was for a Gift card holder that she found on the www.sewcanshe.com website.
You can find the directions here. This would be a fun project for the grandkids or even kids and grandkids!

Sue Woods

Sue did a demonstration of multiple uses for Kraft-tex "fabric". Projects can be found at this website. Sue showed a tote bag and a gift holder made from different colors of Kraft-tex. It is a very durable and pliable medium that can be used for a multitude of projects. How amny used can you think of for Kraft-tex?

Deborah Cade

Deborah did a demonstration of a basic but sturdy tote bag. Instructions can be found here. This bag can be made of any fabric. However, the type of fabric will determine it's sturdiness and durability. The body of the bag is cut from one piece of fabric and the handles are constructed in a manner that makes them very strong. Have fun making your tote!

Connie Landis

Connie did a demonstration of how to make a utensil roll. Instructions can be found here. This item is a flat piece of fabric with pockets for utensils that is rolled up and tied to make a nice package. You can change the size and number of pockets to fit the utensils you plan to take. Although it is designed for personal utensils like a fork, knife, spoon, etc., it could be made for serving utensils for a potluck or tools to be taken with for any other activity. It's simplicity makes it very customizable and useful! How many different uses can you think of?